Know Your Customer

We’ve always been fascinated by the phenomenon of popularity. What causes customers to flock to one brand while remaining coldly indifferent to another – even when the offerings of the companies in question are similar?

Years of consumer research have revealed that the single most important factor that separated the good companies from the great companies, is the ability to know about the customer better.

That is the starting point
Dominant organizations, we’ve learned, are those that can discern meaning from the information given. They’re doing more than listening. They’re hearing, and they’re choosing their direction from what they hear.

How, exactly, does that work? Please read on….

Cardinal Rules of Advertising

Know Your Customer
This could be called the first law of Advertising

Know Your Customer … Better than they know themselves
This could be called the Secret Law of Advertising

Customers Don’t Know Why They Buy
This might be deemed the problem with conventional market analysis.

Don’t Ask Why, Observe!
If customers don’t know why they buy then how do we discover why? Jane Goodall became a primate expert. She essentially moved in close proximity with a troupe of chimpanzees and lived with them for years. She watched chimps grow up, grow old and die. She unraveled the rich social life of chimpanzees and how it affected their behavior. Humans are vastly more complex than chimpanzees. It takes more than an anthropology study to grasp the mechanisms at play when it comes to human behavior.

Most of the Human Experience is Below Conscious Radar
The Landscape of the Subconscious is much, much bigger than the Conscious realm. Human behavior is a dynamic interplay of the conscious/subconscious. This is one criticial reason that Advertising has become well versed in the science of the subconscious.

Human Behaviour is Primarily Social
The evolution of human beings is fundamentally the story of social systems. Virtually all human behavior is socially driven or has social implications.

Where We Live Matters … and it is Changing!
In Advertising, we understand that human behavior is complex and highly reactive. We also understand that the world is in a state of flux and the old rules don’t apply. To understand the customer you have to look at the environment they operate in.

Why Advertising is Different from Selling?
To know the customer requires a deep grasp of human behavior, the subconscious mind as well as the marketplace. Taking this information and extrapolating the deeper themes of the mind of your customer and using it to create a more compelling customer experience is what Advertising is all about.

The Last Word
Hence, preparing ourselves to listen deeply and intently to our customers puts us in a position where we can learn an awful lot about them. Please read our advertising blogs regularly. I am sure, these insights, tips & tricks will be very useful for your business.

That’s it for now!

Thank you.

Ajay Shah
Manipal Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd.