Sipani Bliss – Case Study

The Start Point – The Brief

The management team at Sipani Properties was very clear in its intent. The key highlights of this project would be a location advantage on Annekal Road, close to hospital and electronic city, affordable pricing and quality of design and construction.

What We Did


  • Sipani Properties was launching its first “Value for Money” residential project in Bangalore – Sipani Bliss. The owners of Sipani Properties already had a successful history in developing and marketing of residential property since 2004.
  • Manipal advertising was assigned on to take on the responsibility of launching Sipani Bliss.

Project Details

  • Client:Sipani Bliss
  • Tasks: Concept, Design & Development
  • Website:


Research and findings

Going about research included talking to prospective buyers and analyzing current trends in real estate marketing; specifically advertising. These are the key messages that people were made to consume from ads from various builders:

Exclusivity. Lifestyle.
Dream come true. Heaven is waiting.
Beautiful life.
Luxury redefined.
Happy families
Escape. Upgrade. Move in.

Key takeaway from people looking at these ads were “These are exaggerations and clichés. They may soon promise the ‘moon’.”

The opportunity in branding for Sipani Bliss

  • All the exaggerations and clichés in the messaging of other real estate brands provided an opportunity for Sipani Properties  to move away from these clichés and ‘commoditization’ of the category.
  • Sipani Bliss on the core promise of a Realty Brand that promises its customers “IT’S POSSIBLE”.
  • Treating ‘IT’S POSSIBLE’ as just another line would defeat the whole purpose of longevity to brand Sipani Bliss. It needed to go beyond just a promise to a business philosophy, and a demonstration of living it at every level. So right from brand appeal, to advertising, to the product, to service and to delivery, this philosophy of ‘IT’S POSSIBLE’ needs to be brought to life. In order to do that the brand language needed to be simple, relatable, highly emotive and thought provoking while avoiding all norms and clichés of conventional realty branding and communication.