Kurl-on – The Challenge Of Embracing Change

Sleep. For some people, it’s the drug of choice. For others, it’s a concession of weakness.

Everyone reading these words needs to sleep, regularly and comfortably. Mattress companies are well aware of this. The mattress industry is both crowded and competitive—and far more dynamic than you may have ever imagined.

Kurl-On perhaps the most dominant brand in the mattress market in India, recently made headlines by adopting a technology that uses Pocket Spring Mattress based on Motion Separation Technology. Which means “Lesser Disturbance” if partner changes posture. Purportedly, this will mean a better sleep experience for Kurl-On’s customers. However, the question is – “Do you not have faith in the brand promise you’re making?”

Advertising Identifies Opportunities For Change

Kurl-On’s change, appears to be ground-shaking. Yet history has proven, time and time again, that customers do not always welcome change. Even changes that appear to have no impact on the customer experience can not be received well.

On the other hand, failure to change can have catastrophic consequences as well. Henry Ford’s notorious reluctance to mess with the success of the Model A put Ford in a position where it was forced to catch up with the competition—who’d been happily experimenting, innovating, and profiting while Ford stood still.

What businesses need, more than anything, is a way to predict with a high degree of certainty, what aspects of their business are open to change. Equally important is the imperative to leave alone those elements of the business that the organization’s best customers hold in highest regard.

Harley Davidson, for example, knows full well that they can’t strip away the chrome, black leather, and the freedom of the open road from their brand. It would be brand suicide. Does that mean that the brand is locked in place, static and unable to evolve? Certainly not—but all forward motion must include, at its heart, those core elements—the Brand DNA—that attracts their best, most loyal customers in the first place.

What defines a Kurl-On mattress in the mind of the customer? The qualities that a customer values the most when they’re selecting a mattress have little, if anything, to do with the actual construction or technology used and everything to do with the sleep experience they’re hoping to achieve. Whether the coils within the mattress have fabric wrapped around them is simply not something the vast majority of their best customers are likely to lose any sleep over. But it’s only the brand image that encourages the customers to experiment with new one and embrace change. To know more about Kurl-On’s brand evolution story, please download our case study.

Ajay Shah
Manipal Advertising Services Pvt. Ltd.